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As a reader, a writer and a bibliophile (it’s not as dirty as it sounds, look it up) I detest the ‘review’ of a book or a specific body of works. It makes my skin crawl and I find myself making an involuntary growling sounds, like an angry puppy.

You see, I understand that certain books are not for everyone and some people may not enjoy them. I get it. But the thing to understand is that when you walk into a bookshop, shop online or download an ebook, you are only looking for yourself. It isn’t possible to stand back and objectively critique a novel because you will always be searching for that inexplicable grip that pulls you in.

I detest some novels, I’ll admit that. Fifty Shades of Grey or anything else will never make it on my ‘must read’ list on Goodreads. It ain’t gonna happen. But I can appreciate that there are readers out there who will forth and gasp and thoroughly enjoy the series. It’s just not for me and I respect the people who have different tastes. I’m certainly not about to review the book that you love and bag the hell out of it simply because it’s not to my tastes. There are trends and there are favourites and there are the so-called ‘classics’, but at the end of the day it is up to the reader’s tastes. To this end I find the only helpful reviews (ones that aren’t selling or nonsensically tearing the thing to shreds) are the ones that tell me if I might like this book if I love another similar series.

Therefore, as an insatiable writer and reader, I’m going to try something different with your permission. Every week I will write a summary of a series or a novel that will attempt not to sell it, not to critique the writing or the characters or the plot development, but instead I will tell you what this book is like and who may enjoy it. I will in essence give you the ingredients of the book and you can decide whether you devour it in one gulp or you approach hesitantly, knowing there’s something in there you haven’t tried but are willing to give a go. I’m going to try and jump genres, age groups, fiction and non-fiction as much as possible.

With that said, leave me a comment or send me a message on Twitter if you have suggestions.

Sopha Out.